“Oasis” at the Village at La Floresta was completed in February 2016 as part of the city of Brea’s Art in Public Places movement. The environmental sculpture, valued at approximately $2 million, is the creation of Anna Valentina Murch and Douglas Hollis, who have been commissioned to create art installations for other cities around the world.

Oasis is unlike any other art piece in the city of Brea, and meant to ultimately become the focal point of the entire community, as well as a special gathering place for future residents and visitors.

Situated in a plaza, Oasis sits adjacent to Whole Foods Market, namely “Oasis Plaza,” in the newly developed Village at La Floresta.

Oasis is a metaphorical sculpture referencing Brea’s cultural past, from the Native American to early days of settlement, to ranching and oil development. The art piece also looks to the future with its sustainable materials and technologies on the foundation for which it was designed and built. Murch and Hollis incorporated unique elements in the berms, terraces, plant materials and light, resulting in a multi-sensory experience, with the elements of earth, wind and fire represented.

Oasis falls under Brea’s Art in Public Places Policy, where new developments with a total building valuation of over $1.5 million are required to integrate publicly visible sculptures into their projects. La Floresta, LLC is responsible for selecting the artists, commissioning, installing and maintaining the artwork.

Oasis Plaza is now home to a variety of center sponsored and tenant and community events for the public to enjoy.